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Janae Cobb

About Me

      My name is Janae Cobb and I was born and raised in Oakland, CA. I am a Full Spectrum Doula as well as a student at the National College of Midwifery with an apprenticeship with Paula Grady of The Midwives, Napa, CA. In 2015, I started finding myself mesmerized by birth videos, having dreams of random babies coming to me for love, dreams of me delivering babies and when I began to share that Birthwork/Midwifery care became an interest of mine, the positive energy I got back from those around me was shocking yet reassuring. The thought, the idea, the image of me working as a Birthworker, never left my mind. I began to feel like I was letting myself down each day I let go by, that I was not stepping foot into the Birthwork world. It was when I had a conversation with a friend that gave me the motivation I needed to begin to take my education in Birthwork seriously.


     As I began studying Birthwork and Midwifery care, it created a shift in who I was internally. I began to deeply explore myself in what was truly important to me and how I could be my best self, to be able to provide the best care to those around me, specifically to mom and baby. When I look back on my life, I have always been a part of the Birthwork world. I am the oldest of four children by 10+ years. When my mother was pregnant with my first sibling, I was her 9 year old non-certified doula. I was there at every appointment, helping her put her clothes and shoes on, there for emotional support and I even attended the birth. Once my baby brother was born, I would wake up in the middle of the night to feed him, I would get him ready for each day, babysit him, I made sure my mom was getting every ounce of help that I could possibly offer. I also got the chance to observe my second sibling being born. When my step-mom was in her early stages of labor, before she was transferred to the hospital, I was of great assistance. I would rub/apply pressure to her back where and when it was needed, I helped provide her with different measures of things that tended to her being as comfortable as possible during her process. Ten years after assisting my stepmom, my most recent personal experience stemmed from a friend. She was aware that I was studying to be a Doula and gave me the honor of assisting her in her labor process. She was in labor for five days, for two of those days I made sure her home was clean, she was fed and hydrated, as well as assisting her in different positions that would help her through contractions. My reason for being drawn to Birthwork actually has nothing to do with the experience that I had as a 9 and 12 year old. I didn’t realize that Birthwork was the path for me until I was 20 years of age. When the flame of Birthwork began to grow inside of me and never die, I knew that it was for me. 

     I then created Endless Blessings. Endless Blessings is an umbrella of services provided to cater to mothers and their families during their birth journey. With informational, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental support, we are there every step of the way, holding space for you to become one with your desires and needs during this process.. Each of our services are custom to the specific wants and needs of each individual. Endless Blessings supports those who are in the prenatal phase, the birthing period, postpartum and even mothers/families who have experienced a loss in this journey. We believe pregnancy and birth is a divine, God given power. When one is fully aware of the power they hold, able to understand and embrace all that their power entails, they open themselves up to a new mind, a new way and a new self, unleashing a world of Endless Blessings.

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