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Our Mission and Values

Our mission at Endless Blessings is to be a protector, supporter and educator  of families who are going through their pregnant, labor and postpartum phase. We are here to keepsake the sacred space that takes place when one has been chosen to bring forth new life. In this we will be breaking down walls, that have been placed on specifically women of color. We will be  lowering the rate of maternal and infant mortality by caring for mothers and infants in ways the modern day healthcare system chooses to deprive us of. Endless Blessings will also be a door for the children of our future, to kn0w that Birthwork is a career field they too can take interest in. Endless Blessings is a home for our entire community to be able be loved without judgment, taught without demeaning and cared for without limitations. 

We are the beginning of a whole


new world, a new found state of


being that allows for one to


get intuned with their most


divine self. Understanding that


through Birthwork, we CAN live


a life filled of

         Endless Blessings.      

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